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Powershift: India-China Relations in a Multipolar World

Just like seven decades ago, when the dramatic re-emergence of India and China from their traumatic encounter with colonialism followed by a war between them in 1962 transformed this region’s geopolitical landscape, the equation of the two countries is once again poised to influence the future course of Asia.

Pan Macmillan, New Delhi, 2020

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Power and Diplomacy: India’s Foreign Policies During the Cold War

The notion that a monolithic idea of ‘nonalignment’ shaped India’s foreign policy since its inception is a popular view. In Power and Diplomacy, Zorawar Daulet Singh challenges conventional wisdom by unveiling another layer of India’s strategic culture.

Oxford University Press, Delhi, 2019

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Himalayan Stalemate: Understanding the India-China Dispute

Indian Historian John Lall once observed, "Perhaps nowhere else in the world has such a long frontier been unmistakably delineated odds nature itself." How then did India and China defy topographical odds and lock themselves into an impasse that was ultimately tested on the battlefield in October 1962 and has been simmering below the surface ever since?

Straight Forward Publishers, New Delhi, 2012

India China Relations: The Border Issue and Beyond

At the outset, this book must be viewed as a policy-relevant document rather than an abstract historical research paper. The authors have revisited the seemingly intractable India-China border dispute from a contemporary conflict resolution perspective and are thus relatively detached detached from the historical baggage.

Viva Books, New Delhi, 2009

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Chasing the Dragon: Will India Catch up with China?

Chasing the Dragon; Will India Catch up with China?– is an important and timely book. Important because it brings into the open and deals in a precise, academically rigorous and politically objective way with the major geopolitical event of our lifetime, the rise of China and the transformation of India.

Pearson Education, New Delhi, 2009

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