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Himalayan Stalemate – Understanding the India-China Dispute

Himalayan Stalemate Understanding the India-China Dispute (2)


Indian Historian John Lall once Observed, “ Perhaps nowhere else in the world has such a long frontier been unmistakably delineated odds nature itself” Hoe then did India and China defy topographical odds and lock themselves into an impasses that was ultimately tested on the battlefield in October 1962 and has been simmering below the surface ever since?

This paper Dwells on this question and attempts to get to the heart of this dispute without resorting to the polemics that often animate commentaries on these issues. The author also retrace the trajectory of India- China Border diplomacy that resumed in the 1970’s and shed some new light on the negotiating postures of the two countries which over the past three decades have been engaged in discovering a process that can identify the contours of a solution to the boundary question. Finally the author situates the dispute in a Contemporary geopolitical context on the dispute resolution process.